Tricia Helyar Architect

The rear of this property needed to be modified on a limited budget. This semi-detached house had the north facing rear occupied by a bathroom and a tiny kitchen. Half of the rear garden was taken up with a brick garage and driveway ran the length of the site.

The bedrooms and existing living area were not touched, with the exception of new paint. The existing garage was demolished and the rear of the dwelling was gutted and small addition was added to the new back room.

As the space was small, the design was kept as simple as possible. The bathroom/laundry was relocated to the middle of the building, between the original living room and the new kitchen/family room. The bathroom is a mix of traditional and modern materials, with beehive floor tiles and stainless steel and recycled timber vanity. The kitchen was kept against the southern wall of the new room, allowing for both a flexible layout to the family room and full access to the northern aspect.