Tricia Helyar Architect
Fowler Street Detail

Fowler Street is an exploration into ideas of the perception of space in a limited site.

Originally four room 3.6m wide row house in Leichhardt. The building is attached on the side boundaries with the rear of the property facing north.

The dwelling was transformed from a one bedroom pokey house into a two bedroom light filled space without a great increase to either the site coverage or the building envelope.

The original front two rooms are amalgamated with a loft bedroom above, allowing for north light to penetrate right through the building. The kitchen and bathroom have a lowered ceiling to accommodate the second bedroom above, with a sitting room facing the north garden.

Simple materials were used throughout - the original timber floor was preserved and the new kitchen/sitting room are polished concrete acting as thermal mass on the north face. The new works are insulated timber frame construction with both louvred and opening windows to allow for cross ventilation.

The privacy between the close sites was dramatically increased and the neighbour commented they received more light after the renovation.

Green Points