Tricia Helyar Architect

" I really feel that Tricia not only understood what we wanted and delivered it, but she also did a fantastic job."
Owner's Comment, Madeline Street, renovate and extend nsw, Issue 3.2

"This was a very substantial renovation... But we would never have been able to do it without Tricia Helyar's insight... I can knock a hole in a wall but I never would have come up with the ideas she came up with."
Owner's Comment, Ernest Street, The Sun Herald

Tricia Helyar
BSc(Arch), BArch, NSW Reg 6792

Tricia Helyar is passionate about architecture. She works closely with clients to develop a project through all stages from concept to completion, and strives to find the solution fitting both brief and budget.

Tricia has had an active involvement with the Australian Institute of Architects, on the NSW Small Practice Network and on the Country Division Committee. She became an examiner for the registration exam for the NSW Board of Architects in 2007.

Between 2007 and 2012 Tricia served on the board of directors of emergency architects australia and was involved with projects in the field as well as presenting the work of EAA internationally.